Midlands Blood Pressure Training Webinars This Week

March 26, 2019 0

**Free Blood Pressure Training **

Interactive WEBINAR from the comfort of your home or pharmacy

For pharmacists and members of their teams in the Midlands

You and a pharmacy team member are invited to attend one of five live webinars to develop your blood pressure risk awareness and measurement technique. Whether you are learning for the first time, validating what you do already or checking you are doing it correctly, this training will ensure you are up-to-date in your practise and consistently measuring your patient’s blood pressure appropriately. In addition the training will support knowledge development on the lifestyle behaviours that may cause high blood pressure and risks of having high blood pressure.

Attend this 60-minute webinar to:

  • Understand:
    • the scale of the blood pressure problem and risks to health
    • lifestyle changes that can reduce blood pressure
    • how to have a healthy conversation to support individuals to change their behaviours and reduce their risks
    • how to run an effective health campaign on high blood pressure
  • Learn best practice for measuring blood pressure with a validated automated machine covering:
    • familiarisation with equipment, including cuff sizing
    • infection control
    • patient preparation
    • procedural instructions
    • post-procedure instruction
  • Understand when to refer at risk individuals
  • Engage through an interactive question and answer session
  • Complete an assessment and certification

    Choose just one session at a time convenient for you:
  • Wednesday 27th March 2019 @ 2pm
  • Wednesday 27th March 2019 @ 8pm
  • Thursday 28th March 2019 @ 2pm
  • Thursday 28th March 2019 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 30th March 2019 @ 2pm

To register for one of these webinars click HERE.

A flyer is available to download HERE.

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