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Pharmacies are responsible for ensuring safe and effective processes are in place for dispensing controlled drugs and substances. Pharmacists are well placed to ensure patient safety through supporting and advising the patient on the correct use of controlled drugs.

Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit have produced a bulletin, available to download on the link provided on this page.

Controlled Drugs Contacts

Amit Dawda, Controlled Drug Accountable Officer 

Any urgent matters requiring the CDAO’s attention can be sent using this email.


Arden & GEM CSU Medicines Optimisation Team
All CD queries and CD incidents should be sent to:

Telephone: 0121 611 0813


Mark English, Police Controlled Drugs Liaison Officer for Warwickshire




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  • CD Liquid Balance Discrepancies
  • Alert – Risk of Impersonating Individuals Presenting at Pharmacies
  • CDAO Covid-19 Restoration and Recovery Letter June 2020
CD Reporting Tool

Email sent on behalf of the Controlled Drug Accountable Officer – Chris Weiner:

Dear Colleagues at the LPC

An Online CD Reporting Tool is being rolled out by NHS England West Midlands Area Team. The tool was developed 4 years ago and has been steadily adopted by all Area Team across England.

The Online CD Reporting Tool will be used to report CD incidents / concerns, CD destruction requests and self-declarations by dentists, pharmacists and General Practitioners.

We will be encouraging contractors to use the tool when it goes live and appreciate your help to ensure the information is circulated to community pharmacy colleagues. Please could you put this information in your local newsletters and cascade across your email circulation lists in the West Midlands. Please find a letter attached from the CDAO – Chris Weiner and a Frequently Asked Questions supporting document.

The Online CD Reporting Tool will ensure we have a standardised approach across the area to reporting, recording and management of controlled drug concerns/incidents.

All reporters of controlled drug concerns / incidents will need to register on the website from the 1st of March 2018.  Registration is required on an individual basis and it is recommended you familiarise yourself with the tutorial videos that will be available on the website form mid-March ( Please select the West Midlands region when you register.

There are no limits to the number of people from the same organisation that can register or access the website and the majority of reporters use their email address as their username and then select a password that is easy to remember.

From the 1st April 2018 the Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer will only accept incidents reported via the online CD reporting tool.

Please contact Medicines Optimisation Team  if you have any questions:

Medicines Optimisation Team

NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit

Westgate House | Market Street | Warwick | CV34 4DE

Controlled Drugs queries Tel: 0121 611 0813

Secure Email:

Letter from CDAO on CD Reporting Tool

FAQs Online CD reporting tool

CD Liquid Balance Discrepancies

CD Liquid Balance Discrepancies – reminder

Manufacturers of liquid medicines always fill their bottles with a small overage, and so discrepancies will be encountered no matter how careful you are. ‘Natural overage’ is typically of the order of 10-15ml in a 500ml bottle.

The most common reasons for discrepancies are:

  • Overage in delivered containers
  • Measurement inaccuracies
  • Arithmetic errors
  • Stock received but not entered in the register
  • Stock supplied but not entered in the register
  • Obsolete stock not included in calculations
  • Pre-packed stock not included in calculations
  • Spillage
  • Wrong product selection (e.g. methadone oral solution DTF supplied but an entry made in the CD register for methadone sugar free oral solution)

Please also remain vigilant to the potential for theft or diversion of controlled drugs. Pay particular attention to:

  • Common trends or patterns
  • Changes in liquid consistency or appearance
  • Tampered bottles or ampoules
  • Unusual staff behaviour

Regular CDs balance checks should be undertaken, so that any irregularities are highlighted at an early stage. The frequency of reconciliation checks may alter according to local circumstances; in most cases we recommend weekly CDs balance checks.

When to report? If the discrepancy is greater than 5% (or an organisational agreed limit) or cannot be accounted for, then the organisation will need to report this as a controlled drugs incident. If you require any further information regarding this, please contact

Alert – Risk of Impersonating Individuals Presenting at Pharmacies

Alert: Risk of Impersonating Individuals Presenting at Pharmacies & GP Practices

We are advising all community pharmacies and GP practices to remain vigilant at all times when any individual is requesting to inspect your site.

Please ensure you ask for ID and carry out a check on the individual’s status. 

We have received reports where an individual is impersonating to be a General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) inspector, a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspector or a GP to access controlled drugs. This individual is currently at large and may decide to seek controlled drugs within our area at any time.

Please verify details of any inspectors directly with the GPhC, CQC or telephone the GP practice to confirm the GP’s status. All inspection visits should occur during office working hours on working days only, please be suspicious outside of these times.

If at any time a suspicious individual presents themselves to you, please call the police on 101 and if you feel threatened please dial 999.

In addition to this please inform the West Midlands CDAO Professional Support Team via email

Kind regards,

Professional Support for Controlled Drug Accountable Officer NHS England (West Midlands)NHS Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit
Westgate House | Market Street | Warwick | CV34 4DE

 To report a Controlled Drug (CD) incident, submit an Occurrence Report or request an authorised witness for CD destruction:

 For any other CD related queries:


Tel       0121 611 0813

CDAO Covid-19 Restoration and Recovery Letter June 2020


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