Mandated Health Campaigns 2019/2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak all national public health campaigns have been put on hold for the 2020/2021 season.

As part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework, each year pharmacies are required to participate in six mandated health campaigns at the request of NHS England.

Previously, these campaigns were determined at a local level by NHS England teams, however PSNC recently agreed with NHS England to set these campaigns at a national level so that all community pharmacy contractors participate in the same campaigns thus having a greater exposure to the target groups.

It has been agreed that the campaign topics should, wherever possible, support NHS England’s operational and public health priorities, such as winter pressures, smoking, obesity and alcohol. (source: PSNC)

The following mandatory campaigns and timescales have been agreed for 2019/20:

1) mid-February to mid-March 2019 Help Us Help You Pharmacy campaign (formerly Stay Well Pharmacy)
2) mid-May to mid-June 2019 Children’s oral health/Smile Month (in line with the training currently being incentivised by the Quality Payment Scheme)
3) September 2019 Antimicrobial resistance
4) October 2019 Stoptober
5) November/December 2019 Help Us Help You main Winter campaign (formerly Stay Well this Winter)
6) January 2020 Alcohol Consumption

BLACK: These campaigns have been developed nationally.

RED: These campaign topics have been agreed nationally, but allow flexibility for local NHS England teams to consider the specific targeted patient populations.

GREEN: These campaigns have the potential to fall between either of the above groups as there is other central NHS England/Public Health England work that is being developed which could inform the focus of the campaign.

Some of these Mandatory National Public Health Campaigns are supported by printed and digital campaign materials.  If you believe that you have not received the campaign materials for a specific upcoming campaign, please contact Public Health England at: partnerships@phe.gov.uk

TRAINING: The 2019 Virtual Outcomes training programme fully supports the six national public health campaigns. There will be a training module available on each of the 6 topics prior to the start of the national campaign to ensure that pharmacy teams have links to the resources available so that they can build great displays as well as having the knowledge to support their customers.

You can find more details about these training modules on our Virtual Outcomes page HERE.


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