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 Important Update:

RSPH are no longer accrediting HLP Pharmacies as of 31st March 2019. Reaccreditation is not currently a necessity as you can see from the PSNC guidance.

If you would like to have an updated certificate through local accreditation we can arrange that if you can confirm that you meet the requirements in the attached checklist.

Please send a copy of your checklist to ahwlpc@gmail.com along with the name of Leader and Health Champion for your pharmacy.


How to become a HLP Level 1

Please refer to the latest national guidance as part of the quality criteria on the PSNC website.

Once a contractor has met all the requirements for HLP Level 1, they should use the self-assessment tool available on the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) website to make notes on how they meet each criterion.

Part 1 of the assessment of compliance should then be completed which relates to the key requirements that the pharmacy must have in place before HLP Level 1 status can be granted and the HLP logo displayed. Pharmacy professionals must be able to indicate YES to all statements by ticking the appropriate boxes to be compliant (this web-based form must be completed by a registered pharmacy professional (pharmacist or pharmacy technician) in the pharmacy, who must provide their General Pharmaceutical Council registration number).

Part 2 of the assessment of compliance should then be completed, which is the section of the framework that asks the pharmacy professional to state the evidence they possess in the pharmacy, which they can use to demonstrate compliance with the requirements. Evidence must be provided against all requirements.

Part 3 requires the pharmacy professional to declare compliance with the HLP Level 1 quality criteria and to submit this electronically.

Once submitted, the form will be sent electronically to the RSPH and after receipt and review, a copy will be sent to the pharmacy email address that the pharmacy professional provided in Part 3. A copy of this email should be retained in the pharmacy so it is available for inspection.

RSPH will endeavour to contact contractors by mail or email within 10 working days after they have received the submitted online assessment of compliance form to confirm registration and provide the HLP logo and certificate.

The HLP logo and if possible, the certificate, should then be displayed in the pharmacy.

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