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CPCF Health Campaigns 2020/2021

Community pharmacies are required to participate in up to six mandated public health campaigns each year. This contractual requirement was suspended during the Covid-19 crisis in early 2020. It has now been announced that pharmacies will take part in two mandatory health campaigns for the rest of 2020/21.

The first mandatory campaign will focus on flu vaccination, encouraging eligible people to get vaccinated. This campaign will begin in early October with campaign resources being delivered to pharmacies around that time.

The second campaign will focus on the management of winter illnesses and is expected to take place in early 2021.

Further details will be provided about both campaigns as soon as they become available.

In addition to these mandated health campaigns, pharmacies are encouraged to participate in any other public health campaign to support the national effort and to strengthen their HLP status. You can find a collection of these optional health campaigns here.

  • Flu Vaccination Campaign
Flu Vaccination Campaign

The first of two mandatory health campaigns pharmacies are required to take part in 2020/21 is the promotion of the flu vaccination service. The printed campaign materials have been dispatched to pharmacies and will start arriving from Friday 9th October in a clearly marked envelope and will include a selection of posters to enable contractors to target their flu vaccination service (where provided) and a version where they can add local information on service provision.

The campaign has been agreed between PSNC and NHS England as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework and all contractors must participate as follows:

  • If contractors have flu vaccine supplies available (or coming into stock soon), they must display at least one of each of the three posters (core creative, pregnancy and long term conditions) for one month from receipt of the materials;
  • If contractors do not initially have sufficient flu vaccine supplies, they should take a targeted approach to displaying the campaign materials from their receipt, using the posters focused on vaccinations for pregnant women and people with long term health conditions. Once sufficient flu vaccine stock is received, the contractor must then display the main “core creative” poster too. Posters should be displayed for one month;
  • If they have flu vaccine stock available or arriving soon, contractors can use the ’empty belly’ poster to advertise upcoming clinics or explain how patients can access a vaccination;
  • If a contractor is not providing the flu vaccination service in 2020/21, they must display at least one of each of the three posters (core creative, pregnancy and long term conditions) for one month from receipt of the materials. The empty belly posters can be used to direct patients to where vaccination can be accessed.

You can see a list of these posters on the PSNC website here.

There’s also a flyer available about flu vaccine supplies, which can be downloaded from here.

Further digital resources can be found in the PHE resource centre here.


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