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Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF)

The 5-year CPCF deal was announced in July 2019.

The new contractual arrangements will come into force from 1 October 2019 and will help to deliver the ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.


PSNC Announcement


CPCF 2019-2024 Document

Service Development Grid

Summary of the 5-year Deal (PSNC Briefing 026.19)

CPCF Frequently Asked Questions (PSNC Briefing 027.19)

Contract Settlement and Funding (PSNC Briefing 028.19)

CPCF Funding News: Transitional Payments Agreed

Changes to Schedule of Payment

The New Pharmacy Contract

Video courtesy of Virtual Outcomes

Any CPCF queries? Contact cpcf@psnc.org.uk

CPCF 2020 Updates

CPCF Progress Update for 2020/21

Letter to contractors on CPCF for 2020/21

CPCF 2020 Briefings

Briefing 010/20: Community Pharmacy Funding in 2020/21

Briefing 011/20: CPCF Frequently Asked Questions

PSNC CPCF Webinars

CPCF Webinar On-demand

CPCF Webinar Slidepack (PDF)

PSNC CPCF Digital Roadshow On-demand Sign-up

PSNC CPCF Digital Roadshow Slide Pack

CPCF Calendars and Checklists

PSNC Important Dates and Checklist v2. (Briefing 001.20)

NPA CPCF calendar 2019/20 checklist (PDF version)

NPA CPCF calendar 2019/20 checklist (Word version)

NPA CPCF calendar 2019/20 summary (Excel version)

LPC CPCF Newsletters

CPCF Newsletter 1

CPCF Newsletter 2

CPCF Newsletter 3

CPCF Newsletter 4

CPCF Newsletter 5


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