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The current PPE guidance for healthcare professionals, including pharmacy staff, can be found on the following link:

New recommendations for primary and community health care providers in England

This supersedes any previous guidance issued by PHE and NHSE&I.

There is unprecedented, global demand for personal protective equipment as a result of this pandemic. The UK has released its pandemic influenza stockpiles, which included many types of PPE required for tackling COVID-19, and new logistics networks – including support from the army – have been established to manage supply and demand across the UK, and to make sure appropriate PPE reaches those who need it.  Source

When ordering PPE, please keep to the following order of priorities:

  1. Wholesalers
  2. PPE Portal
  3. Local/regional supply channels (LRF) – only if you have less than 3 days supplies left and can’t access the PPE Portal
  4. National Supply Disruption Response service (NSDR) – only if none of the above is available

See below for more details…

Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Support

  • What’s the current guidance on PPE for pharmacy staff?
  • Do I need to install protective screens for my pharmacy?
  • What’s the guidance on using consultation rooms safely?
  • How can I obtain PPE for my pharmacy?
  • How and when can I use the online PPE Portal?
  • How and when can I contact the NSDR 24/7 hotline?
  • Can I sell PPE to the general public?
  • Do people have to wear face-covering when visiting the pharmacy?
  • What’s the difference bewteen facecoverings and surgical masks?
  • Useful Links
What’s the current guidance on PPE for pharmacy staff?
Do I need to install protective screens for my pharmacy?

Social distancing, alongside installation of bollards/tapes, physical barriers or screens is considered to be the most effective way of protecting pharmacy staff. PSNC recommends that contractors do install screens on medicines counters, wherever this is possible.

To support the installation of such barriers, NHSE&I is making a £300 payment to all pharmacies, except distance-selling pharmacies. The payment will be made automatically to all contractors (bar distance selling pharmacies and those that have agreed with NHSE&I to close for longer than 2 weeks) and it is expected to be paid by the NHSBSA in the payment which will be made on 1st May 2020.


Update: The majority of contractors will have received this payment on 1st May 2020. This payment was not itemised on the FP34 Schedule of Payments and was processed as a separate transaction to that outlined in the Schedule. The NHSBSA sent individual letters to contractors informing them of this payment. Any contractors that had temporarily closed their pharmacy for more than two weeks since 31st March 2020 but
made adjustments for social distancing prior to or shortly after the closure, will need to claim the £300 payment by 5th August 2020 using the appropriate NHSBSA claim form. The claim form must be signed by the contractor.


PSNC had been pressing NHSE&I to recognise the costs of installing protective barriers for pharmacy staff in the additional funding we are seeking for contractors to help them cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Some contractors are reporting high prices for protective screens, but many have been able to source these at reasonable prices and sometimes on a cost-only basis from suppliers looking to support the NHS through the pandemic.

How can I obtain PPE for my pharmacy?

There are a range of options available – these are listed below in order of priority:

1) Wholesalers with mask codes

Alliance (8019622) – 0330 100 0448 Customerservice@alliance-healthcare.co.uk
AAH Pharma (NSU2A) – 0344 561 8899 Register at aah.co.uk
Phoenix (676546)

2) PPE Online Portal – by invitation (open to pharmacies from August 03, 2020 as an emergency top-up route)


3) Regional/Local distribution channels (LRF) – only if option 1 and 2 are not available

Email: • CV19PPE@warwickshire.gov.uk

The Local Resilience Forums (LRFs) have received a push of PPE supplies to respond to local spikes in need, where there are current blockages in the supply chain. The PPE stock provided to LRFs is to support urgent need in vital services which are not linked to the NHS Supply Chain. This PPE is intended to support service providers which have exhausted their usual routes for PPE and there remains an urgent need for additional stock.

4)  NSDR: Any organisation running critically short of PPE, and has exhausted other supply routes, can phone the National Supply Distribution Response (NSDR) on 0800 915 9964 for an urgent delivery.


How and when can I use the online PPE Portal?

Only those who have received an email invitation to register will be able to login and place an order.


Invited customers will be able to place an order (up to the limits on the site) once per week.

Orders are being managed in line with PHE guidance once per week and are shipped directly via Royal Mail within 2-3 days.

Continue to use your current methods of obtaining PPE before turning to the PPE Portal. The PPE Portal is an emergency top-up route.

Until you receive an invitation to the PPE Portal, please continue to order PPE through your regular ordering channels.

  • All providers should continue to order PPE from their wholesalers. This includes Primary, Adult Social Care, Dentists, Pharmacies, Third Sector, Adult Care Homes and Hospices.
  • Local Resilience Forums (LRFs) can support GPs and social care providers to access PPE. LRFs have been supplied with PPE according to local needs.
  • We are continuing to review all PPE arrangements. To ensure all healthcare providers with a clinical need for PPE can access the necessary equipment.

Additional information on the PPE portal is available on the gov.uk website.


How and when can I contact the NSDR 24/7 hotline?

Providers awaiting a PPE Portal invite who need emergency PPE supplies can continue to contact the NSDR 24/7 hotline on 0800 915 9964.

Before calling the NSDR 24/7 hotline, please ensure you have:

  • Followed your usual BAU procedures which may include wholesale provision (listed)
  • Contacted your local trusts or health organisations for mutual aid
  • Contacted your Local Resilience Forums (LRF).

N.B. Only if the LRF is unable to meet your urgent PPE needs and you do not have a PPE Portal invite, should you contact the NSDR 24/7 hotline.

When contacting the NSDR 24/7 hotline, please have the following details to hand:

  • Name, email and telephone number of the requestor.
  • Name, email and telephone number of a contact for the next 24 hours (e.g. out of hours cover if the original requestor will be unavailable).
  • Delivery address, including postcode and named contact for receiving deliveries.
  • Confirmation that your organisation is able to receive the delivery outside of normal business hours.
  • Number of COVID-19 patients being treated (confirmed and suspected).
  • Number of beds in your organisation (if appropriate).
  • How long your current PPE stock provides cover for (e.g. <24 hours; 1-2 days, or more than 2 days).
  • Which products you are requesting and in what quantity.


Can I sell PPE to the general public?

PPE obtained through the national distribution channels is not to be sold to the general public.

Do people have to wear face-covering when visiting the pharmacy?

Facecoverings for customers in shops and pharmacies have become compulsory in England on July 24th, 2020.

Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt. The liability for wearing a face covering will lie with the individual, not the retailer. Should an individual without an exemption refuse to wear a face covering, the shop (or pharmacy) can refuse them entry and can call the police if people refuse to comply.

PHE has issued a number of posters that can be displayed in retail settings, some of which are also suitable for pharmacies. You can download all the assets on the following links:


Social Media assets

We have uploaded two of the A4 easy print posters to the LPC website for easier access. You can find them HERE and HERE and print them directly by right-clicking on the PDF files.

There’s also an alternative poster available from RPS, which can be downloaded HERE.

What’s the difference bewteen facecoverings and surgical masks?

Face coverings are mainly intended to protect others and not the wearer.  Face coverings are not classed as personal protective equipment (PPE) as they:

  • are generally not manufactured to a recognised standard and not CE marked
  • do not provide a proven level of protection for work risks such as dust and spray

Surgical face masks are designed to be normally worn in medical settings to limit the spread of infection. Wearing them should be very limited outside of healthcare activities because they are not generally considered to be PPE in non-healthcare situations.

Unlike face coverings, they:

  • are manufactured to a recognised standard
  • are resistant to droplets of fluids and splashes



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