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The impact of stock shortages can have a substantial effect on a patients, community pharmacies and the NHS as a whole.

Although the impact of stock shortages on patient care is widely acknowledged, when a medicine goes into short supply, it can also have a major impact on community pharmacists. Shortages inevitably lead to increased time spent in sourcing products, discussing alternatives with prescribers and counselling patients.  Shortages can also have an impact on key pharmacy relationships as they can increase conflict between the patient and the pharmacist and the pharmacist and the prescriber.

source: PSNC

Please see our Brexit page for information about shortages relating to the UK’s exit from the EU.

Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Support

  • What causes supply shortages?
  • Is there a resource that could help me explain about drugs shortages to my customers?
  • How do I report supply issues to PSNC?
  • What’s PSNC’s position on the proposed Serious Shortages Protocol?
What causes supply shortages?

Medicines shortages can be caused by a whole range of factors, including manufacturing and distribution problems within the supply chain.  Currently, the uncertainty around Brexit and contingency planning is exacerbating the already existing supply issues.

Is there a resource that could help me explain about drugs shortages to my customers?

PSNC has produced a Patient Leaflet that community pharmacy contractors may find useful to give to patients in the event of medicines supply problems.

There are also some FAQs on the NHSE site:

How do I report supply issues to PSNC?

You can report any supply issues to PSNC using their online reporting tools. There’s a different form to report generic and branded medicines.

Report shortages of a generic medicine: 

Report shortages of a branded medicine: 

What’s PSNC’s position on the proposed Serious Shortages Protocol?

PSNC is supportive of the proposed legislative changes, which will seek to safeguard the supply of essential medicines to patients in the event of serious shortages of medicines, including any serious shortages following a no-deal Brexit.



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